The strategy of field of courteous very heavy important post that visits a clien
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My constant goes out visit a customer, meet sometimes very nervous. Oneself fumble later, time grew, increase the experience that others tells, also do not feel nervous.

The first regulation is to want punctual. If have critical thing, perhaps encountered traffic block, inform you of the person of inquire for immediately. If cannot make a telephone call, ask others to inform for you. If be the other side,want behind schedule to arrive, you should make full use of the rest time. Sit in a not far from date place place for example, arrange a file, or ask whether dest clerk can use antechamber to take a rest.

When you arrive, tell the time that your name peace treaty sees dest clerk or assistant, give on your calling card so that assistant can inform each other. If assistant did not help you actively doff next jacket, you can ask where one transfer to a lower level is.

Want when await quiet, do not come through the talk killtime, such meetings disturb others to work. Although you had waited 20 minutes, always see watch not impatiently also, when does the boss that can ask assistant him have time. If wait not as good as, can explain to assistant and restrict time additionally. No matter you have how to resent to the boss of assistant, also must be opposite he is polite.

When you are brought to the office of the manager, if be to meet for the first time,should make self introduction, if had been known, need mutual greeting only and handclasp.

The other side is very usually busy, you should enter the talk quickly subject as far as possible. Clear and direct the earth's surface amounts to the thing that you should say. After saying, let the other side express an opinion, want to listen seriously, do not explain or keep interrupting the other side to speak. You have the word of other opinion, can say again after he is told.