Internet company copies bottom campus invite applications for a job
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Financial crisis appears and did not throw into confusion IT enterprise " group person " plan. Like be the same as in former years, rose in September, IT company developed with respect to ground of strive to be the first 2009 campus invite applications for a job. Explain to public also can shift to an earlier date somewhat, on September 21, associate pulled open Beijing to explain to public the heavy curtain of the meeting. Back-to-back, explain to public can heat up gradually, be in the middle ten days of a month entered fastigium in October. It is with Tecent only exemple, its campus explains to public can undertake in the 17 cities circuit such as Hangzhou, Hefei, Changchun.

IT enterprise uses heart fine suffering so, the reason depends on: Campus invite applications for a job is the substantial of its talent strategy. "50% what the number of campus invite applications for a job holds new employee sum total commonly. " He Hengying of manager of public relations of group of Microsoft China research and development discloses, the personnel of research and development of Microsoft China is to come from campus invite applications for a job partly greatly very. Tecent invite applications for a job allocates manager Chen Shuanghua to express likewise, tecent is annual add personnel newly to half above comes from campus invite applications for a job.

In IT enterprise, the foreign enterprise is the talent advantage that values China in succession more. Graduate of countrywide average college reached 5.59 million person 2008, added 640 thousand person than 2007. This number is India double, 5 times of the United States. The foreign enterprise increases the investment to China in succession, it is to value Chinese market on one hand, it is the handsome appearance that values China on the other hand. "Microsoft is confident to software talent of China, this is one of accounts that we add in Chinese research and development to throw ceaselessly. " He Hengying says.

And the campus invite applications for a job that passes through IT enterprise, the new trend of industry of a few IT, also rise to surface gradually.

Internet becomes large family of invite applications for a job

Post of sale, government is popular

On dimensions of invite applications for a job, whole, major company is mixed last year similar, but specific city recruit students differs somewhat. For instance this year, the software that use friend enlarged the recruit students dimensions of Nanchang, meaning the need that satisfying its to build call center, software to develop a center in Nanchang.

The technology develops kind of position to continue to maintain little scope to grow impetus, but produce category, sale kind, manage kind of demand to increase apparently. "Henceforth a few years, industry of game of the the biggest, strongest; , 3G is opposite the strength that pair of talent requirement include outside software service the talent's demand also will increase ceaselessly. " Mao Juhua of division of vocational training of the education that bring gain forecasts demand of prospective IT talent to nod so.
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