7 years teacher of 30 thousand name spy hillock covers invite applications for a
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On October 27 afternoon, education holds routine news briefing to introduce our country country to teach a career to reform development to concern a situation.

In recent years, the concerned branch such as Ministry of Education took a series of step that have specific aim, strengthen construction of team of teacher of rural middle and primary school energetically:

It is mechanism of innovation teacher complement, teacher of executive country school is special hillock plan. 2006-2007 year, central finance is accessorial 600 million multivariate, in all invite applications for a job teacher of thirty-two thousand three hundred name spy hillock, enclothe western area 400 many counties many 4000 country school. Each district declared invite applications for a job to plan 28 thousand much person 2008, than going up year increase considerably.

2 it is to be in Normal University of affiliated to a ministry to carry out normal school to give birth to free education. Began to belong to division to execute normal school to give birth to free education greatly in 6 troops under one's command 2007, recruit students planned to increase somewhat than last year 2008. Enrol many 20 thousand free normal school two years to be born in all.

3 it is to carry out " rural education Master plans " . Began 2004, recruit 4137 outstanding undergraduate studentses to teach to school of country of ministry of Chinese and Western in all, enclothed 22 province school of country of 300 many impoverished counties.

4 it is to advance town teacher to raise teaching and administrative staff to make, form a system stage by stage. According to not complete count, 2006-2008 year, raise canon model to exceed 5000 person-time to have 8 province such as Beijing, Guangdong, raise canon model to exceed 15 thousand person-time to have 4 Yunnan, province such as Guangxi.

5 it is to strengthen rural teacher to groom energetically. National organization is carried out new teacher of round of middle and primary school is complete member groom, promote the whole of rural teacher quality hard. Organization of Ministry of Education was carried out 2007 " aid hides " and " aid border " groom, "Send earth up into Tibet " , " send earth up into border " . Started 2008 carry out " level of state of teacher of middle and primary school grooms plan " , this year summer vacation time is adopted concentration grooms and groom remotely a variety of means such as photograph union are ministry of Chinese and Western a rural area grooms many 30 teacher.

6 it is the problem that in the light of title of teacher of middle and primary school allowance of ferry of skimble-scamble, teacher does not fulfil, ministry of Education had systematic investigation and study jointly with concerned branch, understood actual condition basically, offerred proposal of abecedarian policy sex to the State Council.