Tecent CTO Xiong Minghua: Fulfil of firewood of Tecent talent invite application
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Recently, tecent announces formally to start external " big platform serves as greatly " talent strategy. This strategy aims to attract more and outstanding talent to join, the Internet competition that is the next 10 years does nice talented person to lay in ahead of schedule. This also is Tecent first high-key release a talent to plan, regard this as the main component of the plan, large-scale campus invite applications for a job plans to had been started. The tall canal group that with couplet banquet chief technology officer rebukes Ming Hua heads will visit 17 towns of countrywide, from invite applications for a job of more than 40 college 70
0 outstanding graduate.

Firewood fulfil does not seal a top

As we have learned, this dimensions of invite applications for a job grows 40% than last year, will involve plan of software project, product, webpage and UI the many post such as artistic design, patent management. Xiong Minghua expresses, to outstanding person ability can be striven for at any cost, even Ma Huateng can participate in interview and process of invite applications for a job personally, "Our Qiu Xianre is thirsty, offer does not have upper limit " . Show according to a data last year, the outstanding doctoral student of strong finish school can be amounted to into duty yearly salary in Tecent 350 thousand.

Tecent interior data shows, main the 5000 employee of Tecent are at present medium, this year's graduation joins have close half person, a lot of middle-level manage the backbone such as chief inspector of cadre, CTO, product, it is the this year's graduates is in 3, grow in 4 years rise. The company is right this year's graduates more favour.

Xiong Minghua expresses, what Tecent needs is outstanding talent not only, more " suit " talent. Tecent values two respects most when choose is graduate: It is the viewpoint of value that accords with just, responsible, collaboration, innovation. 2 it is to should have good user consciousness, what should maintain pair of user demand is sensitive, take the experience of the user seriously, know the value that how goes realizing an user.

Pursue most advanced research with top talent

As we have learned, tecent campus invite applications for a job had attracted the numerous and outstanding graduate of the college such as Beijing University, Tsinghua to join last year, this year is to be full of self-confidence more. Rebuke Ming Hua thinks, compare with other industry posture, chinese Internet and world's advanced Internet company difference is very little, outstanding talent is in Chinese native land company but the technology with the most advanced bring into contact with, product and management.

In recent years Tecent also from Microsoft, Google, IBM, China introduced many high-end talent to wait for an enterprise, they become skeleton force on a lot of main station. Ingoing graduate accepts organic meeting these " expert " , the man-to-man guidance that the company provides high. Him Xiong Minghua offers a course all the year round in Tecent, special undertake grooming at becoming the employee of product manager to having keep in mind.
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