Tecent company will be in countrywide invite applications for a job 700 new empl
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Global economy is low confuse the Internet business that did not affect China it seems that, the reporter learns 22 days from Tecent company, this company near future was started new plan of round of invite applications for a job, the invite applications for a job of more than 40 college that will wait for 17 cities of countrywide from Shenzhen 700 new employee, working station covers plan of software project, product, artistic design and patent management to wait.

Officer of Tecent company presiding technology rebukes Ming Hua says, tecent is in ascendant period at present. Money newspaper shows, tecent is in at present market prise, income, profit 3 thumb mark get on the first to reside Chinese Internet firmly.

Xiong Minghua says, this year's graduates of Tecent new invite applications for a job grooms through new employee, after allocating a branch, can provide a teacher, company every quarter can undertake dogging coaching to them. In the meantime, tecent has the many platform that include business affairs of game of instant communication, network, search, electron, wireless, operation to wait inside, offerred a lot of practice and the opportunity that enhance technical ability for graduate.

Xiong Minghua expresses, the this year's graduates will be Tecent future development and the core talent that expand, tecent values two respects most when choose is graduate: It is the viewpoint of value that accords with just, responsible, collaboration, innovation; 2 it is to should have good user consciousness, what should maintain pair of user demand is sensitive, take the experience of the user seriously.