Hubei province federation of trade unions organizes commonweal invite applicatio
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24 days, wuhan science and technology can exhibit central poll assemble to move, lively and extraordinary, hubei saves federation of trade unions " obtain employment side supports the move fall " large commonweal invite applications for a job can be held here.

This second invite applications for a job is met by a definite date 2 days, share ginseng of more than 160 enterprise to exhibit, offer of all kinds post nearly 20 thousand. Wuhan city encircles 9 cities various labour union organized unemployment of hillock of nearly 3000 under one's name to apply for a job of personnel and peasant worker entering the arena.

Standing vice-chairman Huang Guoqing says Hubei province federation of trade unions, this second invite applications for a job meets hold, progress of economy of complete to serving province, overcome crisis of economy of current whole world to bring enterprise of brought adverse effect, help to alleviate with labour city of difficult question, stimulative Wuhan is encircled two model social construction development, from go up at all the side supports difficult worker and farmer project, have very important sense.

Li Yanxia of workingwoman of come off sentry duty finds the job of a Bao Jie in the assembly room, contain eat to stick every months 850 yuan, next week after check of an organic whole is eligible can mount guard. Although be opposite salary is not quite satisfactory, but she decides foretaste tries. Li Yanxia tells a reporter, she hopes to find the job with a higher salary, keep bit of wife for the son this.

In mobile spot, still held Hubei to save federation of trade unions first " laborer " cup complete province " lunar elder brother's wife " the final of skill contest. Before 10 players are awarded respectively " gold month elder brother's wife " and " outstanding month elder brother's wife " title, obtain promulgate certificate of case of persons qualified to teach of advanced Yo baby and bonus.