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Xinhua net Beijing on October 27 special telegram (reporter Jin Xiaoqian) Zhejiang province thoroughfares state city " introduce global get army model poineering talent policy " recommend can hold 27 days in Beijing. Push economic transition to aid, stimulative industry high end changes development, zhejiang thoroughfares the city comes on stage " 4 100 " cite ability new policy, with ten million the capital attraction that weigh gold, action just is brought wisdom.

"Accelerate economic transition to upgrade, innovation of science and technology is the first impetus, talent of high administrative levels is the first element. Accordingly, introduce get army model the cost with poineering talent again big flower also is worth! " thoroughfare Sun Jianguo of secretary of state municipal Party committee, mayor says, thoroughfare state city according to " dominant industry high end is changed, characteristic industry dimensions is changed, traditional industry is new and high change " industrial transition upgrades develop new thinking, make group of industry of fluorine silicon industry, characteristic of equipment manufacturing industry, area with all one's strength 3 big " one billion two hundred and fifteen million seven hundred and fifty-two thousand one hundred and ninety-two industries board piece " . This city is dedicated to building on one hand " policy flat " , publish a series of favourable policy in succession, exert oneself is founded " handle affairs efficiency quality of highest, service environment of lowest of best, poineering cost, society is best " investment develops an environment; On the other hand, be dedicated to building " talent upland " , hold to " with high administrative levels high end of poineering person stimulative estate changes development " , increase further introduce talent strength, city finance in advance plans 50 million yuan of special fund, use at cashing talent of global high administrative levels arrives thoroughfare the each award policy that the city does poineering work.

According to thoroughfaring Shang Qing of vice secretary of state municipal Party committee introduces, introduce this global get army model poineering talent, the key is in information of medicine of manufacturing industry of makings of fluorine silicon new profile, equipment, biology, electron 4 industries domain; The core content that cites ability new policy can be generalized for " 4 100 " , namely: What every introduces is global get army model poineering talent or group, give 1 million yuan to come of 3 million yuan of RMBs do poineering work award of the capital that start; To introduced poineering talent, the poineering room that provides floor area of not less than 100 square metre and housing are in each, inside 3 years use freely; To introducing the item of be born, year local taxation exceeds 1 million yuan of RMB first, give its to get army model talent or group the one-time award of 1 million yuan of RMB. In addition, those who introduce is global get army model the talent becomes a shareholder in the technology, poineering venture capital investment, capital assures reach project of science and technology to declare, filial enter a school, family member finds a place for wait for a respect to enjoy favourable policy.
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