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King forest of 26 years old finds new job smoothly enter a famous moving to overflow design firm, from the foreign enterprise after service previously, jump to move free game to design an industry, arrive from the industry post, produced not little change, and can show itself from inside intense competition, before Zhou Jie says all him profit from find new job charge.

Nowadays is worth a talent flow is frequent period, a few person that find new job contain Troy to promote oneself, rise find new job hit the target rate, the choice is turning undertake before hillock " charge " .

According to Introduction Wang Lin, what him undergraduate course learns is major of industrial and commercial management, sound pretty good, but professional
Not strong, fortunately oneself have solid foreign language strength, because this is able to enter a famous foreign enterprise smoothly. He arose to turn after two years the thought of travel, the requirement has wide development perspective and good income, after many the choice, he is using eye fixed position free game to design, sign up the vocational training that attended Qingdao to move free institute. After graduation, in on-the-job field interview, the working setting of famous foreign enterprise, solid foreign language strength, professional competence grooms certificate, ling Wanglin wins this smoothly " the fight that has equipment " .

Move introduction of free institute controller according to Qingdao, from this year the beginning of the year begins, groom of the orgnaization groom the number also increases greatly, current and on-the-job personnel with IT skill, English, groom be in the majority, of many people find new job the purpose is very clear.

"This moment is taking pressure and aim, study efficiency is very tall also, although do not find new job to succeed, also benefit a lot. " the Ceng Youyi of employee Lin Mou of company of inaugural Yu Mou second " of abortive find new job " , at that time inside half his month evil filled two thick this business book in order to deal with written examination. Such experience let him master a few very practical study methods.

To this, manpower resource expert points out, charge first, the means that finds new job after, the attitude of choose course of study that demonstrates duty field person is rational with each passing day, and the individual grooms charge to often plan with professional career, having inseparable concern, duty field person should differ according to oneself development phase and find new job direction, logical choice charges content.

Qingdao moves free institute is the vocational training institute that a professional education uses free development talented person, aim to foster move free development to design elite, move free enterprise to carry the industry elite that has professional technical ability for mainland. The school is located in Shandong Lu Lubang square, center of more than 40 straight battalion is owned in the whole nation, on-the-job employee exceeds 1200 people, with home 90% move free enterprise to own cooperative concern, it is the whole nation is the most professional move free groom one of enterprises. The firewood since graduate student is as high as 3500 yuan, 0 foundations also can attend groom.
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