Exchange rate is favorable, clutch go abroad charge
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Storm will raid, drizzle also has big impact to aim at business chance, big crisis accumulate contain little chance
Editor's note
"Financial storm " affects big economic environment, look be like still have a paragraph of space temporarily with us, but all without exception of a few a sign of disturbance or trouble beside explains, gentle breeze also is wind, can affect whole economy weather even.
Sign up for today weekly of money regulation economy is right last week the influence of " of " finance storm to macroscopical economy was done state, will thorough microcosmic level, from angle of life of common popular economy, the influence to " of " finance storm and it is good to doing to answer elaborate, hope the reader can be drawn lessons from somewhat.
Core clew
"It is very distant from us that this word of financial storm " is like, can become the friend of house property intermediary to say with you the company closes down depressedly; The colleague that just bought a house complains with you development business lets you buy room loss several 10 thousand; The friend of travel agent and bank is depressed of the stake that takes and expect a lot of less...
We must admit, the ground of foot of that storm incidentally that is in wall street is blowing us, and the person with a few sensitive nerve starts work via beginning already, rely on oneself to resist this war!
[the current situation]
Storm will raid income to suffer an effect!
Foreign trade service industry- -
Bonus wants shrink necessarily
As industry of whole foreign trade fatigued and weak, with the service industry related foreign trade, the income that sheds division like the member that foreign trade follows sheet, member that declare at customs, content also is producing change.
According to introducing, outer trade trade has do not become the regulation of article, ordinary income is not high, but bonus is very rich and generous however end of the year, some even the in part that bonus takes employee annual income end of the year. "We follow the concern that foreign trade course of study is be as close as lips and teeth. Press the case this year, predict bonus whole can compare little last year 10%-20% end of the year. "Director of some freight company expresses.
In addition, a few foreign trade serve an enterprise to still pass the cut personnel, kind that raises workload to reduce cost. "We now is a person regards as two people will use. "Shenyang the manager of company of some foreign trade finishs the young lady expresses, meet every year originally invite applications for a job 10 come the personnel of a prediction of a person's luck in a given year of new employee complement, but enrolled 3 two people this year.
Negotiable securities broker- -
Income falls rate is rapid
Negotiable securities broker is the most arrogant last year profession undoubtedly. However, appear to steep fall considerably below the influence that worsens in global banking environment as field of A stock market, of investor trade to drop enthusiasticly into cereal bottom.
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